I want to share with you a conversation that is happening every day in America.  This is a conversation that you have had, that you friends have had and that we would all prefer to avoid.  It is –
The Most Awkward Conversation in America
The conversation happens as follows.  You discover that another person you know has lost their job.  It seems like this is happening almost every day.  Friends, relatives, neighbors and business acquaintances – it’s epidemic. 
How do you handle their request for help when they attempt to network out of their current situation?  What do you say?  What can you do to help?  What suggestion can you offer them that might be a positive path they could explore?
In many cases, you know for a fact that these are wonderful, talented people who are simply victims of current economic circumstances.  They will deliver great value wherever they end up next, but unemployment is rising so fast that no one knows when or where that might be.  

There is one positive suggestion you could offer.  While they are exploring all their other options, perhaps they should also look into the idea of owning their own franchise business.
I’d like to help them.  My consulting service offers a comprehensive assistance program for people who would like to explore this option.  Whether a person decides that a franchise is the right option for them or not, I stand ready to do whatever we can to make their research and investigation be as focused and effective as possible.
Best of all, my service is both low pressure and free of cost.  It is all about helping people make the right decision.  All your friends would risk is a little of their time and that’s one thing they now have plenty of.  My service represents a very positive suggestion you can offer the next time you get into one of these awkward conversations. 
If you find yourself in this type of awkward conversation, consider introducing me to your friend.  I am able to provide thoughtful advice and solid alternatives in this time of change. Forward their name and phone number – I will do the rest with both discretion and professionalism.


I recently received a very enlightening slide show presentation showing how the rising unemployment rate has swept through our country. (see this link on my home page) There are not many areas affected by unemployment rates nearing 10%. While we’re all optimistic that the unemployment situation will improve, the fact of the matter is, that true stability now and into the future is in forging your own path and taking control over your own destiny.

Not many years ago when I worked corporate HR, I lived very much the part of George Clooney’s character in the movie “Up in the Air”. I had the unfortunate task of flying in and laying off offices and managing large scale lay offs for the companies where I worked. In a few cases, I even layed myself off.

In all those situations most employees looked at me blankly, having been caught completely off guard, and said “now what?” While my parents may have been part of a generation where they could work for and retire from one company in their whole career, the reality of my generation and our current environment makes that increasingly difficult to do so.

Jobs move oversees. Businesses consolidate. Technology comes in and replaces workers. Businesses make decisions based on numbers and projections and not so much based on the people working there. It’s just business. When you’re on the receiving end of a pink slip after 25 years it doesn’t feel like business. It feels personal.

I have had many friends of mine over the last few years who have become increasingly disenchanted with their corporate jobs. Having survived rounds of layoffs, cuts, pay freezes and instability, they just don’t know if they can survive the roller coaster much longer and they don’t have a solid plan B.

Might I suggest that if this rings true for you that now might be the time to explore your Plan B. That may include; going back to school, launching your own business or exploring whether, as this book will highlight, whether a franchise business is a fit for you.

What are your life long goals and dreams? Can you reach them by what you’re currently doing? What if you lost your job tomorrow? Would you be able to still reach those dreams?

I know change is scary. For me, the unknown and not having a road map that I’m controlling, is even scarier.


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